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Music Festival in Mikkeli – Day 1

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Here is my review about the event which took place yesterday night, June 14, 2013, and which is going to continue tonight. I am talking about “Mikkeli Soikoon” festival.

Where: Mikkeli, Finland

I should tell you that the event went great and many people came to see it. The concert took place in the harbor, really close to the city center of Mikkeli. Among the groups, which were singing on the first day of the event, were: Osmos Cosmos, Ressu Redford ja Neon 2:n Jussi, and the headliner of the evening was a very famous in Finland Finnish band .

A few words about those groups… The band “Osmos Cosmos” opened up the event at 7:30 p.m. (Finnish time). It performed its own songs and a lot of covers. I saw people dancing, drinking, dancing and dancing again, and, of course, singing along. Later at 9:30 p.m. another band came up to the stage and started its performance. People were happy to hear them as there were many hits from the 90’s. Well, yes, there were plenty of covers as well, for example, “The final countdown”, “Raising up my family”, and many more. But people were so excited to have some fun despite the bad weather. And then at 11:30 p.m. we finally had a chance to see the headliner of the festival, Yö. This band performed its own songs and basically most of its hits (definitely, this time is not enough to perform them all). Among those songs were “Pettävällä jäällä”, “Kiitos ja kunnia”, and many more. The audience was happy and everybody was singing along and dancing. The event ended at 0:45.

Ressu Redford and the band
Ressu Redford and the band

There were many sponsors of the festival, for example, Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, Länsi-Savo, Radio Mikkeli and others. So, there was a huge interaction between them and the audience, i.e. people could get enough information about the forthcoming event and enjoy the way it was organized. Moreover, there is Day 2 coming up tonight, and Mikkeli is expecting to have more of Finnish music stars.

To sum up, I should mention that Mikkeli is becoming more and more important for the country as many events take place in it and more visitors are coming each year. So, I would recommend visiting Mikkeli and enjoying everything, and simply having fun. If you are interested in this town, read more in "Travel Smart" series, and more articles about Finland are coming up soon.

Yö band in Mikkeli

Kirill Malyutin

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