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Music Festival in Mikkeli – Day 2

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In my previous review, I was writing about Day 1 of the music festival in Mikkeli, which took place in the harbor. Today we are going to take a look at Day 2.

Where: Mikkeli, Finland

On the second day of the “Mikkeli Soikoon” festival, the harbor was full of people, I believe, twice more than on the first day. Besides, it was Saturday evening and people were able to find time for the event. Moreover, despite all expectations, the weather was perfect, sunny and simply nice. People were enjoying the performance, drinking, dancing, and watching the lake during those short breaks between different performing groups.

Among the groups and singers performing yesterday evening there were Lapsaset, Neljänsuora, and the headliner of the evening, Paula Koivuniemi. Lapsaset started at 7:30 p.m. (Finnish time) with some of their own songs and some covers. People were gathering by 7-8 p.m. and the harbor looked pretty crowded, which reflected the mood of Mikkeli. People like such events, people like and adore their music stars and take every opportunity to enjoy the events. 

Lapsaset on Mikkelin Soikoon festival

Later on at 9:30 p.m. another group, Neljänsuora, attracted the attention of the audience for another hour, even a little more. There were performing their own songs as well as world famous hits. People were already feeling the spirit of the evening, being in a very good mood and having fun. I should point out that the event was so perfectly organized that even any unexpected incident would not spoil the evening. There were lots of guardians, ambulance in case if needed, police and staff, which was ready to assist. 

Neljänsuora on Mikkelin Soikoon festival

Moving on to the next performer of the festival, Paula Koivuniemi, I should say that there were people of different age. I personally thought there would not be so many young people on the second day. But it showed that young people love different music, which, I personally think, is great! Paula started singing at 11:30 p.m. till 0:45. She performed so many good songs, and some covers. One of the covers was the world famous song “Cosa sei” originally performed by Ricci e Poveri. Of course, Paula was singing that song in Finnish, and it sounded very lovely. Obviously, Paula was greeted with love and the audience did not want her to leave, so she performed one more song as a bonus. It was very nice, the best ending of the evening for such a good festival.

Paula Koivuniemi on Mikkelin Soikoon festival
Paula Koivuniemi

“Mikkeli Soikoon” was complemented by the special program, organized by Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences. The program lasted for a whole day since 11 a.m. till the main event in the evening.  The whole festival, I mean both days, was pretty replete. I sincerely hope there is going to be another festival during the summer.

This is all for this event, there are more articles coming up! So, if you are interested to learn more Finnish towns and cities, visit "Travel Smart" section. Keep exploring, keep sharing your impression, and keep traveling!

 Paula Koivuniemi on Mikkelin Soikoon festival
Paula Koivuniemi
Harbor after the Mikkelin Soikoon festival
Harbor after the festival

Kirill Malyutin

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