Meetings, by Default or by Design: new book helps to unleash the power of well-designed face-to-face meetings
Meetings, by Default or by Design: new book helps to unleash the power of well-designed face-to-face meetings
TOHOLOGY, 25 January 2023

During the first half of 2023, MindMeeting & Partners will hold a series of small-scale book launches, to celebrate the publication of “Meetings, by Default or by Design.” These book launches will examine the new role of face-to-face meetings in the light of the post-pandemic balance of meeting delivery channels.

Almost ten years after the publication of their first book “Into the Heart of Meetings”, Mike van der Vijver and Eric de Groot are back with a new title on Meeting Design: “Meetings, by Default or by Design”. This workbook offers improvement suggestions for meetings and events on forty different topics, ranging from meeting objectives to openings and closings, and from dealing with elephants in the room to spicing up content.

To give a broader meaning to their new publication, the authors are setting up a “World Tour” of small-scale book launches. Each of these gatherings will investigate the added value of face-to-face meetings in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, together with groups of participants from different countries. Their hypothesis is that f2f meetings will require clearer objectives and well-designed programmes to live up to their specific strengths in a new balance with hybrid and online. But how exactly? This applies in particular to providing the “human glue” in and between organisations. In addition, Mike and Eric believe that this added value is perceived differently in different parts of the world - a hunch they will flesh out, thanks to the format of their launch events.

The Tour consists of a series of small-scale, purpose-designed gatherings, held in cooperation with local partners in at least four European countries, three in East-Asia, two in the Middle East and two in the Americas. Together with their “crash-tester” Martin Sirk, during the IMEX trade show in Frankfurt in May 2023 the authors will report back on their findings, as well as in subsequent other international events.

An excerpt of the book is available here.

Full text of the book is already available: get the book at Amazon sites.

Meetings, by Default or by Design. </br>Authors: Eric de Groot, Mike van der Vijver.


ICCA, the International Congress and Convention Association, has announced the January 2020 launch of its “ICCA Association Community”. Offering education, connections, tools and resources to assist and support international associations in organising more effective meetings, the new platform will officially welcome association executives into ICCA’s global association meeting community as affiliates.

We are already familiar with Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Schiphol hotel since our previous inspection made in 2012; so we decided to see what has changed for that time.

The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) announces the Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA) as the association’s first Destination partner in Europe. Destination partnerships are one of ICCA’s most exclusive opportunities for ICCA members. Türkiye will benefit from strategic development initiatives aimed at raising the country’s profile within the association meetings industry. It will also gain enhanced visibility in the ICCA community. The one-year partnership indicates ICCA’s endorsement of Türkiye as a premier business event destination for Europe and the global industry.

Daniel and Samira Charbonnier held an open seminar “Catch the trend: the hospitality industry”.

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