The new TOHOLOGY: Tourism & Hospitality website
The new TOHOLOGY: Tourism & Hospitality website
Nikolay Hotelier, 23 August 2018

After 10 months of preparation, we are ready to launch our biggest update of the TOHOLOGY: Tourism & Hospitality project. Today, we are pleased to announce the brand new and other changes within the company.

Our first step was to completely separate the editorial and studio activities: from now on, all the publications for shall be supervised by the Editors Office, while outside internet projects, photo and video shooting, as well as other commercial projects for the tourism, hospitality and real estate industry shall be the responsibility of our Studio. All you have to do is to determine the nature of your task and contact the right department here.

Online media for the hospitality industry

The primary concern of the TOHOLOGY website has always been to bring like-minded people and industry professionals together to combine their knowledge and expertise in the field of tourism and hospitality.

What makes our project unique is the audience: the structure and the format of content make it equally useful for hospitality industry specialists and ordinary travellers. That is to say that the website offers tourist information and stories about different countries, hotel reviews from the guests' point of view and industry news presented in a separate block.

We have also learned that hospitality professionals do not restrain their curiosity to announcements of exhibitions and awards, while tourists are not averse to reading about statistics and legislation changes. Our new subsections allow everyone to find the right content, and the home page of the portal shows a quick overview of recent news.

Unscrambling the content

We have created five main sections: hospitality, hotels, destinations, travel stories, food & beverage, each with a set of headings. Under the “Hotels” heading, for example, you will find hotel inspections, news, special offers and other publications on the hotel life. The “Hospitality” section features subsections “Interviews”, “Career” or “Education”, the aim of which is to create a knowledge base for the HoReCa industry professionals.

One of the important changes on the website concerns the content display algorithms. Besides categories, the content is also subdivided according to countries, cities and types of tourism. And, of course, you can choose between the English and the Russian version of the website.

What else is different now

The exterior of our website has also been changed. A new design incorporating a mobile version has been developed. We have also increased the website speed and paid special attention to the security.

Even more expanded functionality: to enable you to quickly send news or an article to the Editors Office, we have added the “Offer a publication” button at the bottom of the website (you can still email us at info @

There are more than 15 categories available, with the most popular ones recently updated, for example:

  • “Films & literature” – a series of publications reviewing the fiction, professional literature and movies featuring legendary hotels, founders of the hospitality industry and famous travel companies. Instead of long dull stories, we offer a brief description of what might be of interest to our audience.
  • “Hotel inspections” – a collection of hotels of various types curated by our authors: business hotels, resorts, historic properties, boutique hotels, economy class or airport hotels and other places to stay. Each hotel is personally visited by an expert, who will eventually provide recommendations and prepare an overview of the hotel's unique features.

Digital studio services

We have launched a full cycle independent Studio for commercial projects: photo and video shooting for the hospitality industry, website design development for the HoReCa industry and other integrated internet services in the field of tourism. To send your task or request for a detailed service presentation, please email: studio @

Continuous improvement

Nobody is perfect, and neither are we. That is why we have introduced this function to promptly report a mistake (just highlight the text and press Ctrl+Enter or Control+Return for Mac).

We are going to transfer all the content accumulated over the past years to the new website within a month. At the same time, we are already working on new releases. We will continue testing the new portal and would be grateful for your feedback: your reviews will be taken into account in the future.

Join the TOHOLOGY team

We regularly offer internships for beginner journalists and photographers and welcome the industry professionals to join us as guest authors. If you possess the knowledge and competence required for a relevant section of our website and want to join a like-minded team, please email us at hello @


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