Interview: Jessica Renshaw, Renshaw Travel (Canada). Building client relationships in the travel industry
Interview: Jessica Renshaw, Renshaw Travel (Canada). Building client relationships in the travel industry
Kirill Malyutin, 17 April 2014

Jessica is a wellness travel consultant at Renshaw Travel, a family-operated travel agency in Vancouver, Canada, she is a passionate outdoors enthusiast and a world explorer. Her interests include aspects of Holistic health ranging from fitness to yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic medicine. Jessica is leading a very active lifestyle and this reflects in her job as passion and devotion to her profession.

TOHOLOGY: What are your expectations from your customers beside loyalty? Is it a good feedback, which includes wishes, suggestions, or is seeing your customers happy and satisfied simply enough?

Jessica Renshaw: We value collaborative travel planning. This means we are working with the client and actively listening to their wishes and dreams. By asking appropriate questions we are getting the information we need to create the most personalized custom itinerary. For example, if we do not know the client's taste then there is a chance that they could be not satisfied with the hotel we have chosen. Each hotel has a different style, whether that is contemporary, classic, modern etc., so it is our job to make the client feel comfortable with us in order to make their travel dreams a reality. By building this relationship (travel advisor and client) through phone calls and face to face meetings, we go through a process from first time talking about the trip all the way to getting feedback upon return home from their trip. When the clients return from a trip, they are so utterly pleased and satisfied with the service and their experience abroad it really warms my heart to know that I had a large part in creating this! As long as we are completely transparent as advisors and are honest with the process, the clients trust us and are very loyal.

TOHOLOGY: How essential is it for you to constantly change the “look” of the website and pages on social media? Do you try to make big changes or small ones?

Jessica Renshaw: It is important to continue to add to the website and keep the content up to date. In terms of changing the look of the website we do not try to make drastic changes too often. We have a brand and it is important to stick to right colour scheme in order to be identifiable for past clients. We always make small changes to the home page and other pages however the overall “look” stays the same. We did recently have a major re-construction of the website but this was to me smartphone and tablet compatible.


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