Airport hotels: Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Schiphol (The Netherlands)
Airport hotels: Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Schiphol (The Netherlands)
Kirill Malyutin, 12 June 2013

This hotel is the one you need when you travel a long distance or even not that long but if you are waiting for another flight. The hotel has been opened especially for this purpose and the demand is totally justified. The hotel does not have a luxurious look or any fancy appearance, but it has comfort to offer and pretty good service. Let us take a closer look at Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Schiphol.

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam


Holiday Inn Express is located on Jupiterstraat 162, which is not far from the famous Schiphol Airport. However, you cannot get there by walk, because you have to cross several highways and it takes a while even by car. But there is a special shuttle coming every 30 minutes and it is free from the airport to the hotel, but it costs you 8 euros (as per 2012) one-way to the airport. The trip takes 10-15 minutes. The shuttle is very comfortable and drivers are very helpful. You might get a little confused, because the shuttle delivers passengers to several IHG hotels, so the driver will tell you when you need to get off. It is not hard to find the right stop for your shuttle in front of the airport; you just have to read the signs (here are plenty of shuttles and buses stopping there).

There are a couple of cafés and places where you can eat or purchase something. But you can also order something from the hotel, at the reception there is a booklet with meals to order. The delivery takes about 10 minutes and you get food typically either like from McDonald’s, which is the cheapest option (5 euros to order a meal: chicken, fries, some salad and souses), or something more expensive and diverse.

Front desk

  • Check-in

Reception was almost in front of the entrance (a little to the left) and there was a guest zone near it. On the right side was the restaurant where breakfast took place, and almost in front of the entrance were the elevators. The system is pretty understandable and simple, so if you have experience in traveling, it will not become a problem.

Personnel at the reception were kind and helpful. At the arrival you need to book time for the transfer to get back to the airport. Fortunately, the driver reminded of that on the way to the hotel.

As for the Internet, it is free within the hotel. It is Wi-Fi. The Internet works great at the hotel and I should say I was impressed how easy it was to access the online world with no problems or delays in the connection.

Territory near the hotel

General appearance

As above mentioned, the hotel does not have any fancy or luxurious appearance, but it does not need any of that. It has a simple but suitable design, comfortable rooms, lobby, restaurant and elevators.

Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Schiphol

Rooms & Service

My reservation was for a standard room with breakfast included. The room had all the needed amenities, for example, everything in the shower could be found as it was supposed to be, but also in the room, a kettle, cups, glasses, tea and coffee set. So basically I had everything which is needed for the standard room during such trip. The room had a flat TV with lots of TV channels. I could grade the room as 10 out of 10, because it was a standard room and for that level it met my expectations completely.

I asked for a wake-up call and in the morning I received my wake-up call according to my request.

Food & Beverage

I had a chance to have breakfast only, since it was my flight to Canada I had to catch in the morning. Undoubtedly, breakfast also represents the service level of the hotel, and I can say that Holiday Inn Express Schiphol was good in that. I came down on the first floor and asked the morning shift about breakfast, and since I was the first one to have it, one person of the personnel showed me the way to the restaurant, turned on the light in there and asked another colleague to bring more stuff for guests.

Breakfast was good and tasty. I could try different fruits; make myself sandwiches, coffee or tea, get some juice or milk, depending on my tastes. There was a wide range of products for sandwiches, basically cheeses, sausage, ham, jams, etc. and what I would like to mention is a good choice of sweet stuff, I mean Dutch chocolates, which I tasted and liked very much. Frankly speaking, I was satisfied with breakfast. Basically, for a small hotel like Holiday Inn Express, that good choice of products for breakfast was excellent.

I am not sure about lunch or dinner, perhaps, they do not offer anything since there is not much demand; besides, guests can always enjoy the restaurant in another neighbouring IHG hotel.


There is something I would like to mention, since the hotel was built especially for travellers and business people. At Schiphol Airport you can find everything you need during a long trip, a place for children, different stores, souvenir/gift shops, cafés and restaurants, and many more. The airport offers a lot and makes your trip more enjoyable and less exhausting. As for the Internet, you can use it 2 times and each 30 minutes. That time is free, in case if you need more, you are able to purchase the extra access.

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam


All in all, my stay at Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Schiphol was quite enjoyable and interesting. Those 10 – 15 minutes on the way to the airport I had a feeling, or I should say a “spirit of the western Europe”. Amsterdam partly reminded me the United Kingdom in its southern part. Basically, all of the countries in Europe have a lot in common and many unique features, their own history and attractive culture. As for the stay in particular, it was very great, I believe it is exactly what people are looking for when they travel and need to spend a night at the hotel.

Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Schiphol

Hotel Contact Information: Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Schiphol website.


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