TOHOLOGY: Tourism & Hospitality – about project
About media company

TOHOLOGY: Tourism & Hospitality is an international media company in the sphere of tourism, sports and hospitality, specializing in hotel inspections, rare-to-find tourist information, reviews of various types of tourism and hospitality industry news.

The name TOHOLOGY is formed from the initial syllables of the words “Tourism” and “Hospitality” and the LOGY suffix, typical for terms (as in ecology, for example).

Our history dates back to 2007, when the founders of the project were engaged in copywriting and photo shooting for the hotels, sports and entertainment industry. To share our accumulated experience, we launched a travel blog at in 2012. In 2017, we developed a new portal about the Hospitality & Tourism Industry on the basis of the blog, and the TOHOLOGY project became a full-cycle content and internet project studio for the hospitality and service industry.

Our mission is to bring together knowledge and expertise of travellers and industry professionals in the field of tourism and hospitality to allow them to be more successful and productive.
The content accumulated on the website is subdivided according to countries and types of tourism.

Our team mainly includes hotel business and tourism professionals – people with work experience and ongoing careers in this industry.

The geography of the TOHOLOGY project is growing fast. As of today, we have representatives in Finland, Russia, Canada, Turkey and other countries. At the same time, TOHOLOGY would not exist without a great number of volunteers, who continue to offer their contribution to improve the hospitality industry. If you would like to join our project, please forward your suggestions to us: hello @