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Beta testing of the All-New TOHOLOGY website. One month to go

We are happy to announce the beta testing period of the new TOHOLOGY website. The launch of the website is scheduled for the second half of July 2018.

17 June 2018

The event as part of the Hotel Kämp’s 130th anniversary – one of the icons of the hotel business in the capital of Finland.

1 November 2017

In recent years, the programme of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum has always included discussions of the tourism and hospitality industry. Last year's debate on the role of tourism in the economy was attended by Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization. The 2017 programme turned out to be no exception.

4 June 2017

In the “Lost in translation” film Sofia Coppola took us to the noisy Tokyo into the luxury five-star hotel. Almost all scenes took place in the Park Hyatt Tokyo hotel, where main characters are feeling lost.

23 April 2017
What tennis has in common with the hospitality industry and what makes Swiss hospitality special

In the autumn, St. Petersburg was visited by Swiss tennis player Stanislas Wawrinka. Here is an interview that Swiss school students took part in with the tennis celebrity and later illustrated with photographs from Stanislas’ performances at the St. Petersburg Open.

26 September 2016

AmCham St. Petersburg's Tourism and Hospitality Committee - which comprises representatives of major St. Petersburg hotels - met with Andrey Mushkarev, newly-appointed chair of the St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development.

7 July 2016

В 1988 году впервые состоялось вручение премии Business Traveller Awards. Премия проводится в Великобритании, США, Германии, Польше, представлена в Африке, Азиатско-Тихоокеанском регионе и на Ближнем Востоке, а теперь и в России.

3 July 2016

Отель Four Seasons Gresham Palace Budapest (Будапешт) представлен зрителю в новой комедии «Шпион».

6 September 2015