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Our services

We manage our own information platform www.tohology.com. We also offer integrated digital services for hotels, real estate and travel companies. We therefore have editorial department and design studio.

Editorial department

  • Editorial content: we create articles, interviews, reports, collect new ideas and core competencies and inspect hotels on a daily basis. Expert opinions and unique content are then posted on our website www.tohology.com.
  • For independent authors and industry professionals: if you are interested in contributing to www.tohology.com, please use the Offer Article or News form at the bottom of the website.
  • Blog: share your travel insights, tell your stories without unnecessary formalities, or simply explore first-person views. You can find travellers’ blogs here.

Studio services

  • Architectural and interior photo and video shooting as well as photo and video coverage of events, hotels, real estate, hospitality businesses and related industries.
  • Aerial photography and virtual tour panoramas preparation.
  • 3D visualization of architectural objects and interiors.
  • Brand identity for developers, service companies, business travel and event tourism.
  • Copywriting and content preparation for real estate and service industry.
  • Development and administration of websites for the hospitality, sposrts and tourism business.
  • Advertising at www.tohology.com.


  • Website. Our readers seek independent journalism about tourism and the service industry.
  • Studio. Our clients turn to us to advertise their services and to obtain integrated digital solutions to attract investments to hotel and tourist businesses.
  • Special projects. Our partners seek our cooperation with education- and development-focused international hospitality industry projects.