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Suomi Finland 100: the centenary of Finland’s independence

On December 6 2017, Finland had its major event, its greatest birthday, creating a fantastic atmosphere not just during that day but the entire year.

1 April 2018

“It is the best day of my life,” shared his impressions after the final match the winner of the international tennis tournament St. Petersburg Open 2017, which took place last week in the city on the Neva river.

25 September 2017

We had visited the city of Winnipeg in 2012, now 5 years later we are going to take a new look at this city to see what has changed and to explore new corners of this unusual place.

20 June 2017

Canada is the second largest country in the world, which means it has a lot to offer and lots of beautiful places to explore. We will also try to get to know people living here and get an idea of a true Canadian spirit.

21 May 2017
Как выглядит остров Новая Голландия после открытия

История по-настоящему загадочного острова, закрытого от посторонних глаз, берет свое начало с момента основания Санкт-Петербурга. После завершения первого этапа реставрации, Новая Голландия впервые будет работать круглый год.

28 August 2016

Посетив официальную жеребьевку ХХ международного теннисного турнира St. Petersburg Open 2015, продолжаем обзор юбилейного события, которое проходило в Санкт-Петербурге с 21 по 27 сентября.

28 September 2015

Башня Näsinneula в городе Тампере является второй по высоте смотровой площадкой среди скандинавских стран и самым высоким свободно стоящим сооружением в Финляндии.

12 July 2015

As traffic between Finland and Russia is growing day by day and the amount of travelers increases rapidly, there is a certain need of finding the right transportation. In this inspection we would like to concentrate on shuttle buses Lux Express.

13 August 2014